“Coalcracker Bushcraft chose Magenest because it was a recommended solution partner from Magento. Magenest’s proven track-record of Magento 2 implementations, scale in number of developers and international presence were the key reasons we decided to work with them.”

James Pritt

Administrative Director at Coalcracker Bushcraft

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The Challenge

For those who want to experience wilderness living but are not physically and mentally prepared for the harsh environment of backpacking, camping, hunting, and trapping. Coalcracker Bushcraft offer a host of training courses on survival, giving the ultimate experience as well as various toolkits to help you conquer nature. Their owner wanted a seamless experience for customers when the book an event or check in at the camp.

The Solution

Our design helps customers associate with nature, motivating them to step outside, as well as promoting registration for training courses with our ticket management solution. Survival skill training has become a major element that keeps customers coming to Coalcracker.


  • “Event ticket management” Toolkit
  • Integration with Mandrill – Auto follow-up email
  • Integration with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest ) – Social Sharing
  • Product carousel