Why use Subscriptions and Recurring Payments?

How do you manage periodically purchased products like news subscriptions, content site subscriptions, households essentials, creative products or even recurring donation programs? Do you just add products or events to your store, leaving them as they are and customers will need to take orders repeatedly? Do you invoice customers for each payment even the payments are the same every week, year or month? There must be a better way or eventually effortless way to collect the payments and manage products which are constantly run out or regularly updated in order to increase buyer experiences.

Understanding your business concern, we have developed Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension. Save time and effort for both yourself and your customers, Win-Win.

Why choose Magenest among hundreds of subscription solutions out there?

The Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension designed by Magenest is easy to install and configure. The extension has been developed in compliance with Magento standards. Thus you will be able to easily install it on your website. We also provide product updates and support for free to ensure your product works properly and your business runs smoothly. Check out the details below on how you and even your customers can benefit when the extension is implemented in your system.


Magenest’s Subscriptions and Recurring Payments enables you to fully control subscription options and manage subscription profiles:

Set whether the customer can define the start subscription date or not.

Set the number of scheduled payments that can fail before the subscription profile is automatically suspended.

Automatically bill the outstanding balance amount in the next billing cycle.

Create multiple billing periods of desire, providing your customers with a variety of billing period options.

Offer a trial subscription period for customers.

Track subscription flow via report, manage subscription cycles and profiles status, and export list of subscribers with recurring details. With that, you can forecast how your business trend will be going and estimate a steady cash flow.

Configure payment method. Automatically schedule to collect payments.

On the other side, customers can monitor their subscriptions and can modify their subscription profiles as desired.


It’s time to take consideration and make the decision to use subscription solutions for your products. Think of your business in the long run, compete severely with other merchants and try to find a way to draw customers’ attention to your store, products, and services.  Subscriptions and Recurring Payments by Magenest will give you a steady cash flow and a forecast of your business trend, assisting you to make the right decisions for future business. You no longer need to invoice customers individually for each payment. Customers will save time from repeating orders and never run out of things. Product delivered on the schedule customers set. This will definitely guarantee sales growth achievement and buyer experience improvement.

The following link provides you with the contact details of the Magento 2 Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension.


If you have any questions or suggestions about this topic and our product, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. Additionally, if your module configuration process is struggling, or you want to install more advanced features for your current Magento store, you can check our Magento development services. We have plenty of experienced developers and specialists, who are always ready to support you.

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