Why not use Magento 2 Product Labels to manage products in your stores?

The exploration of selling on E-commerce shop.

Nowadays, the business on Internet not only depends on the diversity of products on the store but also bases on the interaction between your website interface and customers. Have you ever wondered what should you do if you want to attract more customers to website or augment the store traffic and improve the conversion rate?. There are many solutions are executed but I strongly believe that managing product efficiently is the best way.

You want to highlight your new arrival items, you desire to sell more on certain products by offering discount price whereas do not how to figure it out. Or in some occasions, your important product needs to be outstanding on the ground with special price… Because of understanding your requirements, Magenest released Magento 2 Product Labels which will solve most of your problems. With our new released extension, you could get some advantages to manage product more efficiently such as:

Product/category on sale label

The label will be displayed whenever the product get lower price than basic price specified in the product settings.The users could define the label position within the product image and use their images to select the label.



Product / Category New label

All new products will be showed on the store with New label within X days it was  added to the catalog. All functions are similiar to “Sale labels” except you define for how long the extension considers as a product to be “New” in last tab.


Rule-based labels

The Product Labels extension allows assigning labels via attribute-based  rules. Navigate to Products > Product Labels > Manage Rules tab. You will see a grid table of rules list.


Rule Infomation tab

In this tab, you can define the general rule parameters: Rule Name and Description, Status (Active / Inactive), target Store Views and Customer Groups, From-To Dates and the rule Priority (Priority is counted low to high. I.e., the rule with Priority=1 will be processed before a rule with Priority=2).


Conditions tab

In this tab, you can select the criteria for an item to get the label. The available conditions are based on the Product Attributes.


Actions tab

In this tab, you are to specify the actual labels to be used in Product View and in Category View.

For both Product and Category labels, you can enable / disable the label (Display label on product / category page = “Enable/ Disable”), select the Label Position, upload Label image , and specify the Label Text.


Get this extension right now and you will not be regret!! For more information, please contact our store for screenshots, live demo and support. Thank you.

Link Extension: //store.magenest.com/magento-2/product-labels.html

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