Vtiger integration with Magento. How did you know?

Modern entrepreneurs may all know about CRM and its use as a method to maintain current customers and establish relationships with them. Once the relationships are built, merchants can identify customers’ demands easily to serve them in the best way. Things are always nice and sweet in theory; however, those linkages are difficult to rekindle in practice. CRM system is an effective tool to study customer needs and behavior in order to consolidate the relationship with them. Moreover, the integration between an eCommerce platform and a CRM system gives entrepreneurs even better control of their businesses. I will give an example of Vtiger integration with Magento.

Now you are wondering the reason why I chose it for this article, right?

Today Vtiger becomes one of the most widely-used CRM platforms with outstanding features such as sale automation, customer reports, and inventory management which fertilize business ventures. A CRM like Vtiger helps an eCommerce business to give more rights to its employees, especially those working at various hierarchy levels with different profiles and roles. Whereas an eCommerce platform like Magento often falls short to deliver a similar type of facility. Integrating Vtiger with Magento just makes this experience more user-friendly for all such people involved.

Now, let’s go further to see how well they work together. Just check out below:

  • Automatic data transmission of customers group and information into leads, organizations, and contacts.
  • Integration of order status and invoice information from the store into sale orders and invoices of Vtiger.
  • All product information is synchronized such as product categories, attribute sets, manufacturers, especially customers’ cart data, and the transmission of product gallery images.
  • Promotion information transfer from the store to the CRM campaign.
  • Allows deleting customer and product records in Magento once they are auto-deleted in Vtiger CRM Leads, Organizations, Contacts and Products.
  • Allows admins to define the mapping fields in the backend with ease.

So, what do these features give you by utilizing them?

Easier data import/export

The system allows the transmission of hundreds of thousands of records at high speed which makes it especially suitable for a large database. Hence, it minimizes human error compared to importing data manually which might expose some degrees of inaccuracy. It sounds good, doesn’t it? Only by this advantage utility, you as entrepreneurs are able to save time and reduce business operational costs.

Monitoring consumer behavior

This extension helps merchants monitor customer behavior by studying customer purchasing patterns. For instance, once customers enter your store, you will know whether they are searching for specific items, what they add to their carts and wishlists, or their spending habits. Based on that, you may plan your inventory to meet customer demands or classify your customers into different segments for further targeted marketing projects.

Smooth sale process

By synchronizing products and inventory information between Magento and Vtiger, the salesperson might propose related products to customers for up-sale and cross-sale. Once customers place orders, the sale representative can keep track of order status and invoice information to ensure smooth logistics. This streamlined interaction with customers will potentially improve your sale and service quality.

Email and marketing campaign management

The system brings you a 360-degree view of an email campaign from the very beginning of selecting customers to the end of the campaign when the result is presented as a chart or graph. This process is step-by-step from establishing the email template with customized structure, text, font, and graphics. You can sort a list of relevant customers by filtering leads and contacts. When it comes to marketing, “relevant” becomes very crucial for an effective marketing campaign because it reduces cost and time and especially saves your campaign from the side effects of annoying customers or overlapping messages. Furthermore, the system allows you to know whether the customer has opened your last email and then generates a chart or graph to give you a better overview of your activity. Thus, it is very result-oriented as you immediately see and assess the effectiveness of your work.

Rekindle personal and emotional links to your customers

Along with sending newsletters to customers, entrepreneurs can build more personal connections with them by sending birthday greetings just by automating personal emails. Who doesn’t want one more birthday wish?

Overall, it gives entrepreneurs a versatile solution with more control and flexibility that fertilizes the workflow and assists to boost their profit by enhancing customer experience. Magenest offers you a Vtiger integration with Magento which you can get the best value for your money.

Let’s follow the Magento Vtiger CRM Integration extension to get the best integration solution for your eCommerce site.

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