How to sell something without having something to sell?

I know, this sounds very strange. I thought it was strange too when I was first struck by the idea. But really it is not that alien considering the fact that you probably have seen some of the most successful exemplars some times in your life.

multiple vendor management

Because I don’t want to explicitly use any famous brand in this entry, let’s think of an analogy (please forgive if you think my analogy is bad). Imagine you own a piece of land that you have no use of but you really want to monetize that piece of land NOT by selling it, how do you do? You start contacting farmers and merchants, telling them that you can offer them a place where they are free to trade and sell their things. You ask for a small amount of coins in return as commission fee. The farmers and merchants agree and voila, you become the owner of a market (sort of). Technically you still sell your piece of land, but you still own it without losing control of it.

“Doesn’t that mean I still need to own a piece of land before I can actually do as you say?”

Well, true, but it does not always necessarily work that way. You may need a piece of land to make an actual market function, but you won’t need as much operating an online market. You just need to contact some merchants and retailers who are willing to pay you commission fee before you are good to go. When your business gets rolling, you can start “selling” without having anything to sell.

But if it is that simple then everyone would have business rival to E-bay and Amazon by now would they?

One can only dream of such level of success, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do well at managing an online market. Everybody has to start somewhere. To provide an online market platform, you should first start looking at some of the multi-vendor e-commerce solutions. There are a multitude of them out there and while we are at it, feel free to be my guest and check out our multiple vendor extension. Start your own online market today! Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below the entry.

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