15 Outsourcing web design, Pros and Cons to be Aware

Websites are an excellent way to get attention from customers. Attractive and informative websites help customers impress with your business and cut down the time making a choice. However, designing a website is not a job for everybody, as it requires many skills and knowledge. Also, the costs of hiring web designers are not stable, and the quality is not sure-fire either. Should we hire an in-house team to do that job or look for an outsourcing web design firm? 

Here is a list of outsourcing web design pros and cons that we listed down for your considerations. 

Advantages of Outsourcing web design

Advantages of Outsourcing web design

#1 Cost Saving – Of course

Surely, collaborating with an outsourcing web design team is always cheaper than hiring full-time employees, up to 20% of the total development cost. As the labor costs are different in various countries and areas, outsourcing web design is always financially attractive in both nearshoring or offshoring. For example, in the whole EU, Merixstudio – the Polish development firm offers the lowest labor costs, which is great news for many business owners there. 

The “real” amount of money you have to spend on hiring in-house employees for web design and development is much higher than you can imagine. It doesn’t only come from the salary that you have to monthly pay them, but also the expenses of the recruitment process as well as softwares that they need to perform their work. In this case, some might say “How about hiring freelancers with hourly payments?” 

Exactly, it can be a phenomenal idea in some ways. However, when looking at the bigger picture, freelancers usually have to deal with many projects at the same time. Compared to a whole digital team, freelancers may be cheaper but less dedicated to your projects. At the same time, when hiring in-house web designers or developers, you have to care about the acquisition and retaining costs. How come? It is because they can quit whenever they want, and you will have to start the process again. On the other hand, when it comes to outsourcing web design teams, we only have to provide resources but we will get the most cutting-edge and awesome-looking digital products. Therefore, outsourcing web design and development to other firms is a strategic idea for businesses.

#2 Time Saving

Along with the money you might have to spend on hiring an in-house web design team, it can take you a great deal of time, too. That includes the time for recruitment, training, adapting, and evaluating the quality. Wasting time means wasting money and sometimes causing stress. Especially when you’re running a start-up company, time is gold. There are millions of things you and your people help to do to expand the company. Therefore, be delegated, shorten your everyday to-do list, and pay attention to the bigger goals.

#3 Less work pressure

Web designing is not the work that everybody can do! It is a matter of expertise. Yes, every company should have an IT team to deal with technical problems. However, when their work gets web designing involved, the whole scene will be different. They might get stressed due to the workload and the requirement of the design jobs. Therefore, understanding and empathizing with your employees are essential to creating a positive working environment. Deliver that kind of work to the other outsourcing web design team and remove your employees’ pressure. They will do much better if they focus on their specializations. 

#4 Focus on what you do best

One of the most vital points of outsourcing is that it gives you more time to develop your business core, and so does outsourcing web design. Especially when your company doesn’t belong to the IT or digital field, managing web design projects is never an easy job to do every day. By leaving it to the web design professionals, you take off many pressures from yourself and employees and give everybody more time to do what truly matters to the business. However, timely and often having an eye for the outsourcing partners is essential to manage quality. Remember that outsourcing web design means you have more employees to watch, but they’re professional and dedicated. 

#5 No need to worry about employees’ personal developments

It is true that when hiring in-house web design employees, their background as well as personal developments, are what always give out attention. That means you and your HR might have to spend hours scanning and evaluating every resumé before conducting interviews. We haven’t mentioned that there will be a hundred questions given to candidates, and it takes you countless times to listen and make a choice. Meanwhile, all you have to do with outsourcing web design teams is to work with the managers and set up your needs and requirements. You will have to evaluate the only final result. The other things, such as employees’ backgrounds and qualities, are their jobs. 

It comes to the same things at Magenest. Our responsibilities are to provide you the highest quality services with the most qualified web designers and developers. Also, all our technologies and IT solutions are up-to-date, willing to deal with any challenge.

#6 Gather more experts and professional teams

The most significant opposition to outsourcing web design is the costs don’t go with the quality. By outsourcing web design to more specialized teams, you can spend less money than usual, but the quality can be the same or even better. Let’s take a look at some rankings. When Europe holds the first position with the best software developers globally, in Asia, Vietnam always has its pride in the top places. However, the costs of employees in Vietnam are consistently lower than those in India and China. Vietnam still provides talented website designers and developers with a reasonable price along with outstanding results.  

At Magenest, you will spend less, but you don’t have to worry about the quality. We have been experts in the field for years. Therefore, fresh-employed developer’s knowledge is not a matter anymore. We deeply know what’s sexy in the tech world right now and willing to use digital solutions to bring success to your business.

#7 Plenty of advanced technology choices

Are you an IT-specialized company? Or are you confident to have a great team to take care of the visual work? Remember that websites are the clothes that your customers recognize your business first before deciding to explore more. Therefore, it’s not a thing that you can set aside. When you’ve got great products or services, you need a great website to convince the world.

Investing in a professional IT team and technologies are costly. However, hiring a full-stack outsourcing web design house somehow gives you access to all their technologies. You can also take advantage of the whole development teams’ experience and knowledge at a considerable price. Let’s see how many kinds of positions you can have in your hands: the marketers, UX designers, QAs, PMs,… Therefore, outsourcing web design enables businesses to leverage a global knowledge base.

Same at Magenest, you have many options to work with the most qualified specialists in the fields. We always keep improving the services and technologies to change and support customers. We’re confident that we’re professional, dedicated, and passionate. 

#8 All in hands

Opposite with hiring an in-house web design team, when nobody can have enough experience and expertise to control the quality, the outsourcing firm has it all. This includes the involvement of QAs who always have watchful eyes on the projects, the PMs who keep track of the programmers, and the UX designers who are in charge of improving the accessibility, usability,  and customer’s pleasure. Therefore, by having an outsourcing web design team, you can have all you need in one place without wasting time and money. 

#9 Easy to control the quality

There is always a contract with a bunch of requirements and conditions between business and outsourcing partners. How is it beneficial for businesses? Yes, it’s helpful and the most pungent card you hold in your hand. The contract contains all the commitments between you and your outsourcing partner. Both sides have to follow the outsourcing process strictly. Therefore, you have all the rights to check on the quality and cancel the contracts if the outsourcing side breaks their agreements. It’s much easier than having an in-house team to do the jobs as you need to bear all the losses if they fail and then start again. Sometimes, that problem also relates to HR’s expense to fire someone and hire a new one.

#10 Maintenance free

The maintenance commitment part of any outsourcing contract might be the most impressive one. As a result, outsourcing house’s employees always face higher liability than in-house staff as they need to stick to the contract and customer’s observation. If they do something wrong, they have the responsibilities to fix and renew, and the cost doesn’t count on your money. Sometimes, when you are not satisfied with the outsourcing web design service, you can ask them to end the contract immediately and have them compensate for it. As it comes to outsourcing, everything will be clean and sharp.

Though, the mistakes that we mentioned above will never happen in Magenest. We don’t promise to compensate for any mistakes because we always keep things perfect. That is how we show our passion and professionalism. If you’re hesitating about anything, visit our website today to get things clear.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing web design

Disadvantages of Outsourcing web design

Apart from those advantages, there are many bugs present in the outsourcing web design process. However, let’s have a festive look at them as a torch to guide the way. We can only get over the obstacles when we identify what they are. Here are five disadvantages of outsourcing web design that you should know.

#1 Poor management

Whether it’s nearshoring or offshoring outsourcing, poor management can always happen. Why? There are many reasons to explain this, but the top one is overtrust. In other words, it is when you rely too much on the outsourcing firms while they have so many things to handle. You don’t check on them, and finally, they give you back poor-quality products or services. Keep in mind that outsourcing houses are always full of tasks. They can handle a lot of work at the same time and delegate them to their employees. And their employees can also have countless tasks at the same time. Therefore, when you don’t see people working in front of your eyes, it’s important to give more attention. 

Sometimes, poor management can come from a lack of expertise and experience. Since you’re not a professional in this field, it’s challenging to control the quality. In this case, take time to negotiate and decide the conditions in the contract carefully. Be clear in every requirement at the beginning to make sure they don’t disappoint you. Also, be willing to pay more if you can see great products or make them fix or compensate for the errors.

#2 Unreliable Outsourcing web design services

Fake news exists everywhere in this world, especially when everybody can easily disguise themselves as someone else. Sometimes, outsourcing firms lie on their social media and websites. They’re exaggerating about their abilities, facilities, and technologies. When they’re doing those suspicious things, they can offer you a very cheap price to catch your attention. When you see everything meets your needs, low cost with high quality, you can easily release a hurry decision. Similarly, some outsourcing firms can disguise other famous companies at cheaper prices. They can use that company’s images and identifications to steal your money. 

Simultaneously, a “real” outsourcing web design firm with low costs may have poor services. This can make you waste money and time as the results are low-grade and you can’t provide them to your customers. Therefore, take time to carefully check their websites for information, inbox them for proofs, and look for public reviews. 

#3 Lack of communication

Website design is a particular field as it shows off the company’s images and is a means of customer identification. Hence, any negotiation of outsourcing web design contracts must include a deep understanding of the business’s core and value. Limited knowledge about the brand can lead to an over-designed website that doesn’t fit its images. When companies and outsourcing partners don’t have adequate communication means, this can lead to disagreements and take many times to fix or renew. This is not only a matter of time but also affects the business plan. As a result, businesses can miss many valuable opportunities due to the outsourcing process’s continuous adjustments. 

One tip for this disadvantage is paying attention to communication. You can break the outsourcing process into stages and request your outsourcing web design firm to update every step to you. By doing that, you can immediately notice what you don’t like and have it fixed. It doesn’t need to start over again and can save you a significant amount of time. 

At Magenest, we use a range of in-person/online meetings, conversations, and written questionnaires to ensure we get absolutely everything we need to proceed.

#4 Difficult cost management

The problem with hidden costs is not strange when it comes to outsourcing. Usually, the price you have to pay for a web designer is not low, especially for the team. When you outsource your website to a design agency, that can lower the costs. However, there are some extra costs that you can’t refuse to pay as they relate to your project’s quality. The additional fees may not matter, but they can confuse cooperation. You may feel annoyed as you don’t think they deserve to get paid more, and they can ask you more if you always say “yes”. 

However, this problem is not difficult to solve. Just stick to the contract. Make your outsourcing house list down all the contract costs and estimate the extra ones that may occur. Make a firm commitment about the additional costs that can be too-much over the estimated rate and manage within the amount of money listed in the contracts. Moreover, to please both sides, add a point that gives them a bonus if you see positive results or the products perfectly meet your requirements.

#5 Geopolitical and cultural differences

When choosing an outsourcing web design house, it’s essential to check its location. If it is too far from your country or has a very significant time difference, it can create many obstacles in managing and communicating with the provider’s team.  That doesn’t count in some areas with unstable legal situations in the country, which can appear with a threat of war or terrorism or any other natural disaster like a tsunami.

Additionally, the cultural differences as well as language barriers between the two sides can lead to the inability to understand each other and might result in failed cooperation. 

As explained above, hiring an outsourcing web design firm can have significant benefits for your company. The success lessons of many startups and enterprises worldwide can be sharp proof of this point. Although some cons hide behind the pros, web design outsourcing is still a strategic move for every business as visuals are very important when everything goes online. 

Are you going to build your own web design team or choose an outsourcing service? Please let us know your opinion in the comments below. Make sure to sign up to Magenest for more upcoming informative articles.

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