Magenest | Best Outsourcing Company And Our Successful Case Study

Outsourcing refers to the contracting out of a project, certain activities, or an entire business function to an external provider. In case companies grew larger and there are requirements that they had to be more specialized, they would find the outsourcing company to get the job done quicker and more efficiently by the skills of external providers.

This results in the fact that more and more external providers are hired to manage business functions. If you search the phrase “outsourcing company list” on Google, you will be in the mess of thousands of results. Let’s keep reading and Magenest will show successful outsourcing company examples and how to outsource successfully.

Outsourcing Company
Outsourcing Company

What’s IT Outsourcing Company Meaning?

What’s IT Outsourcing Company Meaning
IT Outsourcing Company

The IT outsourcing company is the company which specializes in IT services to manage, maintain and operate the information technology (IT) function of the business. They will provide the appropriate human resources for your company, and offer appropriate solutions. Thanks to the outsourcing company, businesses not only use maximum resources and improve operational efficiency, but also save costs and time.

Some of outsourcing company services:

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Configure computer system
  • System backup and restore
  • IT security system

Magenest | Best IT Outsourcing Company in Vietnam: Why?

Magenest has 5 years of experience working with agencies, merchants, and other Magento Partners to manage high-quality and robust Magento systems. Also, it will be more efficient and cost-effective if you outsource your Magento work to a certified partner.

Magenest uses information technology to help businesses solve management and operational issues. The combination of four platforms Odoo, Magento, AWS and Salesforce creates the power of One-stop Solution – the unique and comprehensive set of enterprise technology solutions in Vietnam. We help businesses solve issues such as resource management, sales management, data storage, data analysis, and building and maintaining customer relationships.

The goal of Magenest is customers’ benefits and sustainable development, we help the businesses in the digital transformation process and help their employees adapt to technological transformation.

Let’s discover our successful outsourcing case study from brands all over the world that have worked with us to transform their organizations. And you will know why you should choose Magenest.

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Drinkies by Heineken

Drinkies by Heineken

“The impressive Drinkies project of Heineken was born to deliver the best experience as soon as possible”. Many people believe that the best party is a home party, through the campaign “Drink Responsibly”, Heineken wants to bring a great drinking experience to home parties at home. Therefore, to support his campaign, through the Drinkies project, Heineken wants to create a model that can bring drinks to customers in the most convenient way. The success of this model can help prevent and reduce the rate of traffic accidents significantly in Vietnam.

Vaimo (Magento’s Global Elite Partner), Valtech (Heineken’s Technical Partner) are also participating and Heineken Global Group plays a monitoring role throughout the entire project. 

To implement the project, Heineken cooperates with Satrafoods Ho Chi Minh to be able to use the chain of warehouses and stores across the city.

A working idea needs equivalent technology implications

Ahamove and Grab – delivery solution integration

To meet the company’s logistic needs, Magenest integrated the Drinkies website with the application of the largest delivery service providers in Vietnam, including Ahamove and Grab. This integration allows the system to conveniently locate the nearest shipping address and find the nearest available drivers and assign an order to them. It will be much more efficient than the traditional delivery.

Napas and Momo Pay – local payment gateway integration

For the purpose of securing transactions, we integrate  Drinkies website with the most popular payment gateways in Vietnam, Napas and Momo Pay. Also, this integration offers greater convenience than traditional cash transactions. E-transactions also help businesses avoid order cancellation after delivery, which affects operational costs.

Bringing the party to the Philippines

We brought our experience building the Drinkies Vietnam model and applied it to Drinkies Philippines. For delivery, Drinkies Philippines integrates their Magento 2 website with GetSwift, which is a delivery management software for businesses. 

The integration of eGHL and Magento 2 helps Drinkies process payment securely. eGHL is fully PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant. eGHL will process payment data on their server, which helps Drinkies reduce their PCI scope, as what they have to do is just store basic information on their site. With the experience in implementing the Drinkies Vietnam project, it only took us 3 weeks to complete the Drinkies Philippines website and put it into operation.

Flying Bots

Flying Bots

The Drone Shop by Flying Bots is a Singapore-based brand that aims to bring unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) closer to consumers. To keep up with the trend of online shopping, Flying Bots decided to change its e-commerce system. 

In the past, Flying Bots used Magento 1 as the foundation for their website and achieved initial success. However, Magento 1 is no longer popular when placed on the scale with Magento 2. Besides, Flying Bots wants to customize some functions that Magento’s default mode does not support. Therefore, Flying Bots want to change the way it works for a better user experience.

They had detailed requirements for the new eCommerce system’s operational process, mainly building, upgrading features and designing the website so that customers can interact with the website easily. Also, the website is required to help customers to shop more effectively by allowing them to choose more products to put in their cart and buy now or buy later.

With experience in deploying eCommerce systems for many foreign businesses. Magenest confidently made the Flying Bots’ requirements come true.

Magenest’s Approach

Based on the requirements of Flying Bots, Magenest decided to upgrade the website to Magento 2, which can meet the demands of the technology when it is possible to bring custom functions into reality.

To offer a user-friendly interface, we decided to redesign all the Checkout, Homepage, Cart Page, Product Detail Page, Login / Logout, Category Page pages, and Product Listing Page according to Flying Bots requirements. New pages are also set up to facilitate the easy shopping of customers such as Brand Page, Series Page or Product Builder (customers create their own product groups).

Besides, Magenest also ensured that there are no errors (broken images, skewed frames) with web pages. After months of development, the new system is finally ready, the website is responsive and looks good across all desktop, phone, and tablet screen sizes. 

To make the system work efficiently, backends needed a lot of customization, Magenest has addressed each set of requirements to deliver the highest performance of your Flying Bots eCommerce system. We created widgets for customer’s customization. Some functions such as Accessory or Service have been added to the backend. Besides, Magenest regularly checks and fixes bugs which are caused by third parties (tools and applications that Flying Bots have purchased from other vendors).

The success of the project

With the support from Magenest, Flying Bots has had the website like what they had required. The system has been stable and well-handled for online business. Thanks to the new website, a user-friendly interface brings the best shopping experience to their customers.

The Flying Bots website reorganization makes shopping more efficient. The categories can be changed according to the requirements and arranged in a logical system. With Magenest customizations, Flying Bots can connect with customers more easily as websites have been designed with a clear and simple process. Customers are updated with information about different product statuses, which in turn helps them make quick shopping decisions.

Designer Shaik

Designer Shaik

“Magenest’s support service is one of the best in the market. Magenest helped us to design a completely unforgettable online luxury experience.” said Ms. Armani – Founder of Designer Shaik. Designer Shaik is a luxury brand for perfumes and clothing accessories. Designer Shaik has been one of Magenest’s closest customers from the first day.

Magenest’s Approach

A premium theme built exclusively for Magento 2

Designer Shaik wants to show the brand’s prestige and style through multiple retail platforms, so the website has to be luxurious and royal.

Based on their requirements, Magenest has provided a depth of composition that makes handcrafted items really stand out. Our designs have successfully conveyed royal stories and mysteries related to the kingdom of Bahrain.

360-degree image for the holistic product view

Designer Shaik specializes in royal crafts, whose signature products are watches, perfumes, and clothing and jewelry. Their products are internationally recognized for their impeccable quality and sophisticated design.

To complement the features on the site, we’ve incorporated 360-degree images for each product. This gives customers a complete view and complete interaction with products.

Magento 2 Store Locator – Google Maps integration

Designer Shaik has a wide range of retailers around the world to distribute their products. To be ready for the expansion, we have used the store locator to let customers know where the stores are. Locator allows users to search by country, regions and product types, thereby getting better search results.

Integration with social networks (Facebook, Instagram)

With Designer Shaik’s available platform, it is not difficult for Magenest to integrate social media accounts into the website. The brand has followers and favorites in the GCC, Europe and Asia regions.

If you want to read more of our outsourcing case studies, let’s visit this page to know about us and our success story.

Final Words

Thanks to the expert team and technology we have, Magenest is able to provide you with One-Stop Solution – the combination of 4 powerful platforms today. This solution from Magenest is the unique comprehensive set of technology in Vietnam; thus, your problems in all aspects of your business will be solved effectively in a cost-saving way. 

If you are looking for an outsourcing company website, let’s contact Magenest, we will surely help you in your business process.

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