When it comes to popular furniture retailers in Vietnam, it is impossible not to mention BAYA. Founded in 2006, BAYA (formerly UMA) has proven its position in the field of architecture – construction industry and became the most famous brand trusted by consumers.

With the slogan “Turn your house into a home”, BAYA offers customers a wide range of sustainable products based on the needs of each family as well as developing unique products inspired by Vietnamese culture.

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In 2019, BAYA decides to change its vision and value to be more customer-centric. To achieve this, BAYA focuses on developing technology platforms, thereby increasing sales productivity while enhancing buyers’ experience, especially when online shopping is on the rise.

Together with Magenest, BAYA is making this vision a reality.

BAYA’s vision and challenge

Focusing on customers’ experience

Currently, businesses in the world are changing their working model from product-centric to customer-centric. A successful business has to bring their best in both products and services to create a satisfied customers’ journey. 

BAYA is not an outsider of evolution. To achieve this modern vision, BAYA has replaced the old framework with new technology, as they have successfully implemented the eCommerce website based on Magento 2 Commerce and ERP system (Enterprise Resources Planning).

With new facilities, BAYA wants to give customers a better experience as well as preparing for the launching of custom designs. Moreover, to create an effective shopping process for both buyers and sellers, BAYA also hopes to build a fast and accurate data connection system.

Data management slows down BAYA 

The rapid development of BAYA has resulted in a large amount of customer information needs to be organized. Manual reports can cause unanticipated errors that affect the company’s growth. Managers often struggle to make decisions when the numbers are not clear. 

Not only they need to streamline data, but BAYA also has to connect different departments, especially as they plan to expand into designs and customization. BAYA’s workflow demands a seamless route so as not to miss any changes and requirements from buyers.

A lack of success blueprints also prevents the growth of BAYA as too much time is spent on unnecessary and repetitive tasks such as entering customer’s contacts. 

At the moment, BAYA needs an effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to support the ongoing development of the company. With the help of Magenest, Salesforce has become a powerful ally in BAYA’s digital transformation!

Our approach 

With a customer-centric vision, BAYA decided to choose Salesforce – the world’s No. 1 customer frontline to integrate into the technology ecosystem. Salesforce was chosen based on the efficiency of numerous services and a user-friendly interface. 

Salesforce logo

Salesforce Customer 360 provides users with a seamless and consistent experience from the selection of goods to final payment as well as putting efforts on creating perfect post-sale services. Information about each transaction is streamlined so users can quickly understand customer needs and prepare for suitable campaigns.

Choosing the solution

Based on Magenest’s consultants, BAYA decided to deploy Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce: 3 clouds

– Sales Cloud increases revenue quickly by creating a workflow that manages cases, leads, contacts and opportunities.

Service Cloud enhances users’ experience with 24/7 services on all platforms

Marketing Cloud analyzes data to build impactful marketing plans and deliver personalized content to the customers.

The implementation is divided into 3 phases, starting with the deployment of Sales Cloud, then Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

Integrating Sales Cloud into BAYA system

Before Sales Could, BAYA’s productivity was not as expected due to inexperience. To improve the situation, Magenest has integrated Sales Cloud into BAYA’s technology ecosystem.

Our detailed steps including: 

Design sales process and automation to increase sales rep’s performance

Build real-time reports and dashboards system for daily activities as well as weekly/monthly KPIs. This reporting system gives admins an accurate view of the business situation.

– Integrate Quip into Sales Cloud. Quip is a software that allows relating parties to create and edit documents or spreadsheets as a group. BAYA departments along with the customers can follow the plans and have a full understanding of the design process.

– Automatically integrate salesman’s email information into Sales Cloud to reduce inputting time

– Synchronize data from eCommerce websites directly to Sales Cloud

Adjust the functions of Salesforce to fit in Vietnamese employees’ workflow.

At the same time as online implementation, Magenest also organized training for BAYA to ensure Sales Cloud can be utilized effectively.

The success of Sales Cloud

As successfully upgrading the technology infrastructure, BAYA has quickly witnessed positive changes. Sales Cloud has increased the efficiency of BAYA’s sales by building a systematic and easy-to-follow roadmap.

Important decisions are made based on actual reports that Sales Cloud automatically updates according to customer data. BAYA’s personnel system also works more smoothly when different expertises, especially sales and design team, are connected closely via Salesforce: They can keep track of customers’ requests and other member’s working stages. 

The integration of Quip into Salesforce creates an easy path for BAYA and buyers to follow the process together, especially for orders related to specific designs. Customers can directly comment on the plan to let designers understand each step of the product.

Sales Cloud integrates with Quip

Moreover, BAYA also saves lots of time and human resources to do repetitive tasks such as importing and storing information. Sales Cloud automatically analyzes customer activities and suggests next steps for sellers.

Final Words

BAYA is moving closer to the goal of bringing all customer data to Salesforce as Magenest is preparing to deploy Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Salesforce allows BAYA to develop a comprehensive data management system that boosts sales and close orders quickly.

Magenest is proud to cooperate with BAYA on the road to digital transformation. As a Registered Consulting Partner of Salesforce in Vietnam, Magenest is proud to bring the optimal technology solutions for businesses. Being trusted by hundreds of worldwide brands, Salesforce is the right choice for sustainable development.

Contact us today to get the best advice from experienced Salesforce experts.

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