Lessons from My Internship at Magenest

Hi, my name is Trang, i have just completed my first month of internship at Magenest, and I think it’s time to reflect what I have learnt from the pass month and share my personal opinion.

First and foremost, I would like to introduce a bit about myself. I am a senior student at Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Finland. My major is International Business thus I have very little background in Information Technology – the business sector of Magenest. At the beginning of this summer, I returned to Vietnam and started seeking for work placement to consolidate my academic knowledge.  Prior to this internship, I worked several months at a commercial bank as a trainee. After that, I wanted to try something different because banking environment was not what I wanted my future path to be. By chances, I discovered Magenest on a job site and applied for the Marketing internship position. As a result, I am now a Marketing trainee of Magenest.

At first, it seems overwhelming to me due to the large amount of information and new operation method. During my first day at work, my main task was to read guidance documents which were about unfamiliar topics and everybody else seemed so busy, which made me feel left-out a little bit. No joke. But once I was able to overcome that obstacle, things got a lot brighter. As the internship goes on, with the guidance from my seniors and colleagues, I develop a clearer vision of what company is doing and grow my interest in company’s activities. Moreover, I have become more engaged and felt like I am a part of the team.


What I have learnt during this internship from Magenest

  • Develop my understanding about eCommerce:  This internship gives me an opportunity to broaden my knowledge to eCommerce. Honestly, before the internship, my knowledge about Magento and Woocommerce was very narrow, which was limited in the first five sentences of Wikipedia. Also, I only have sheer understanding about e-commerce since my degree curriculum has concentrated more on traditional retailing and marketing. However, after one month of internship, the situation is changing. I have gained an insider point of view as I am well aware of how eCommerce is operated and how its marketing activities are carried out.
  • Workplace communication: I was a bit worried when it came to workplace communication because I long knew that it’s different from chatting with friends at school or discussing with lecturers. Also, people preach that one third of you day is with my colleague, it’s very important to build a good relationship with them, otherwise you cannot be happy. But soon I realized that just being myself, open up my ideas and not being over anxious are the key for successful workplace communication and relationship building. Magenest personnel are young and enthusiastic, some are trainees as well; thus I have no difficulty in communicating with my colleagues. In fact, everyone is so easy going which makes daily conversation or team work discussion very opening and comfortable. Moreover, active discussion with my co-workers benefits me since I have a chance to gather new knowledge from them who are definitely more experienced.
  •  Being more confidence with my abilities: It’s true that no one knows anything before starting to work on it, hence don’t be stressed out if you don’t know the job. Taking advantages of this opportunity to practice what I have learnt at school and testing my skills, I recognize my strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what I am capable of and what I still need to learn erases all the self-doubt and nurtures my confidence.

How this internship benefits my future?

  • Better resume: This work placement consolidates my resume with skills and competences. Before the internship, my working history was very poor excepting for some months in banking; thus it’s my weakness when applying for any position. Processing this internship, I have adopted new skills and competences which are ideal to be listed in my CV. Furthermore, it’s always beneficial when you have past experience to present to your perspective employers.
  • Developing personal skills and perspective: Working experience derived from this internship not only strengthens my personal skills but also develops my perspectives. Firstly, my ability to implement multitasks is improved through practicing. Although I managed several assignments and projects in the past, multitasking at work is different and requires a good time management skill. Also, I have generated a lot of marketing materials as well as blogging which bolsters my writing skills. As it was mentioned, I have a chance to enhance my communication skills and get accustomed with working environment. As a consequence, I have become flexible to adjust to new a new occupation, which facilitates my future career.

So far I have gather valuable knowledge from the pass month. Although I still have two months left at Magenest with many things to learn, I’ve already known this time will turn to memorable experience to me, thanks to Magenest! 😀

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