IT outsourcing companies: Top 10 in Vietnam and global

It is a fact that businesses have many difficulties in increasing operational efficiency and stability, protecting information resources, etc. in the face of staff volatility, increasing pressure from competitors, stricter industry standards, and something like that.

Our long career in the industry has seen many companies turn to thrive when they are about to fail. There are multiple areas that you need to improve on to solve the overall puzzle for your business. In addition to training employees with new skills, increasing efficiency in using existing internal resources and successful application of information technology in enterprises is an extremely important aspect to improve and increase operational efficiency for enterprises.

So how can you apply IT to your company when your existing resources are not qualified?

Bingo! Use IT outsourcing companies‘ services.

But now you’re facing another more difficult problem. Choosing a qualified IT partner is always a big challenge for business owners. That is because very few people understand both business and technology trends but still can help you achieve cost-effectiveness.

To meet the urgent requirement, some of the leading global IT outsourcing companies below have provided services to help firms operate more stably, efficiently, and focus on the core business with peace of mind.

And if you operate in Vietnam? Rest assured that we will not overlook the top IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam, who will better understand the domestic and regional market.

Let’s get started!

What are IT outsourcing companies?

What are IT outsourcing companies

What is IT outsourcing service?

In order to understand the definition of IT outsourcing companies, you need to know about outsourcing service and how it works first. We will take the technology industry as an example of the use of this service that has been going on for decades, typically the world’s leading supply chain management brand – Apple.

Essentially, with the exception of creative development in the United States, Apple outsources manufacturing operations in Asian countries and purchases components from various sources around the world. Components are shipped to the assembly factories in China by air to save time and money. Once completed assembling, the product will be shipped directly to users via UPS or FedEx who have purchased on the Apple homepage.

As you can see, Apple does not have the cheap and abundant human resources like in China, nor the cheap, quality, and plentiful sources of components like overseas. So it uses these outsourcing resources, withholding only product research, design, and development – activities that are most energy-intensive and also bring the highest value in the value chain.

What IT outsourcing companies do?

The same is true for IT outsourcing service, which is the outsourcing of trained IT workers to solve IT problems that businesses encounter during their operations.

Reading now, you must have implicitly understood the importance of IT to business activities. Below, we will talk more about it.

The importance of IT system and IT department in an enterprise

In large organizations and enterprises, there will often be a separate IT department. When someone encounters a problem related to technology, such as computer data, website, etc., he will contact the IT department to report the problem. Depending on each incident, the IT team will investigate and handle it.

Once the problem has been resolved, the error history and resolution are aggregated into the solution and will be recorded in the IT database to improve and upgrade the system. Even more, the IT department also helps users rely on the database to handle the same problems themselves if they encounter them the next time.

Benefits for businesses when using outsourcing IT services

Benefits for businesses with outsourcing IT services

In small and medium companies, sometimes, IT teams do not have professional training or support tools like large organizations. So the IT department of a small business often has trouble handling user requests, which can be mentioned as:

  • Process requests sequentially instead of defining needs and priority level
  • Process slow, often postpone or even ignore requests
  • Repeat processing for the same type of request

The above-mentioned major factors are the reasons why small and medium organizations should use IT outsourcing services. As such, they will promote the efficiency of improving IT system performance in particular and the whole organization in general.

Next, move to the four biggest advantages of using the largest IT outsourcing companies’ services.

Save human resources for businesses

With the automation of IT outsourcing services, your business will save labor resources as much as possible. The urgency of time will also be solved as it is not always possible to hire an IT specialist in a short time.

Reduce costs for organizations and companies

Services provided by the biggest IT outsourcing companies are the perfect combination of quality and cost. They will invest in technology to reduce total operating costs, covering a wide range of IT assistive technologies, including system monitoring and management tools, remote, conversation, knowledge management, etc. Additionally, companies will not have to pay for the administrative expenses, salary, bonuses, insurance, etc for IT staff. Those costs will be optimized by outsourcing IT.

Better support for your IT awareness

Some IT specialists cannot be good at all specialties of different fields, such as IT hardware, software, server, CCTV, or system integration, etc. So outsourcing IT systems can solve it all with the best expertise.

Keep your businesses running 24/7

IT outsourcing companies can ensure a 24/7 operation of the whole system, helping businesses focus on core values. In addition, you will also be warned about data risks, providing absolute safety in the future.

Top list IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam and global

5 Best-rated IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam


IT outsourcing companies: Magenest

As one of a few Magento and Adobe’s solution partners in Vietnam, Magenest commits to accompany businesses with IT outsourcing services not only in Vietnam but also in the region. If you choose Magenest, you will be supported to run your business smoothly, whether you are a large enterprise or a startup. Furthermore, the company also cooperates with global corporations and other technology agencies around the world, such as Odoo, Salesforce, or Amazon Web Services.

CMC Global

As a subsidiary of CMC Group with an age of more than 4 years, CMC Global is its ambition to bring IT outsourcing services to the world, firstly the cooperation with Honda, IBM, or Samsung SDS, etc. Although CMC Global has not been operating for a long time, its parent company is experienced in IT, has abundant and qualified human resources. In the future, you may see CMC Global as a company specializing in providing system integration services and solutions to customers around the world.


If you have been operating for a long time in Vietnam, the name FPT is certainly no stranger to you. FPT is present in many different industries, from business, technology, education to retail. Furthermore, FPT Software is its subsidiary, providing a variety of services for businesses such as smart factory, Cloud, AR/VR, digital platform, AI, managed service, application service, etc. FPT Software is also very popular overseas thanks to its reputation with such relationships as Airbus, Siemens, UPS, and its low-cost strategy.

InApps Technology

InApps Technology

With more than 100 website and mobile application development projects, InApps Technology is one of the IT outsourcing companies that you can trust in Vietnam and in the world. There are four popular types of services here, including outsourcing mobile app development, UI/UX design, website development, and offshore development. In particular, their service quality goes hand in hand with speed and convenience.


Having a quite long history in Vietnam, LARION is one of the top IT outsourcing companies here with high skills, reasonable prices, and especially green policy. That is, they always value teamwork and delight customers while ensuring to avoid using paper documents as a way to protect the environment and the planet.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Top 5 Global IT outsourcing companies

ACS – Affiliated Computer Services

Location: Dallas, Texas

If you are looking for a multinational IT outsourcing company that specializes in system integration, then you will not want to miss out on the excellent services of ACS. Not only does it operate in the financial sector but ACS also expands into retail, education, government, healthcare, communications, insurance, manufacturing, travel, and transportation industries. Every year, this company earns more than 6 billion dollars from nearly 100 countries on the planet.

Wipro Technologies

Location: Bangalore, India

Wipro Technologies

As one of the best IT outsourcing companies in the world, Wipro Technologies is the first name outside the US that we want to add to this IT outsourcing companies list. Exploiting applications of cloud, analytics, hyper-automation, cognitive computing, robotics, and emerging technologies, it provides IT infrastructure solutions for businesses in every industry, from media, banking to insurance, oil, etc. Its typical clients are Swiss Pharmaceutical, Airbus, and Telenor.


Location: Dublin, Ireland

What do you know about this company which once ranked 91st on the Fortune Global 100 list?

Let us tell you.

With more than 10 years of experience and cooperation with the World Bank, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and American Express, Accenture is known worldwide as a leading company in IT outsourcing. It is a professional innovation-driven company that improves and solves the most challenging business issues of strategy, digital, technology, consulting, and operations.


Location: Lviv, Ukraine

These Ukraine-based IT outsourcing services include digital consulting, software engineering, advanced technology, development teams, and solution operations. Although only operating for nearly 20 years, Intellias has grown rapidly and entered the Fortune 500 list, cooperating with major companies like LG, KIA, Swissquote Bank, HERE Technologies, and more.

Unleashed Technologies

Location: Columbia, Maryland

The next IT outsourcing company that we have here is the best choice for businesses that are looking to develop and increase engagement for their mobile apps and websites. If you’re still in doubt, then Unleashed Technologies will amaze you with the Top Web Designers in Washington DC 2017 award. Yes, it is one of the companies that will unleash unique and creative technologies for website and app development.

In addition, Unleashed Technologies also serves those who have a need for development and integration, eCommerce solutions, cloud computing, digital strategy administrations, and other related services.

Why will Magenest’s IT outsourcing services be worth your try?


“Building solutions, building trust” is Magenest’s business value. Towards the benefits and sustainable development of customers, Magenest always puts customers first, using professionalism and conscientiousness to make them feel satisfied and trust.

Highly specialized IT resources

From a startup, we have grown into an internationally branded company. This success not only comes from business value towards customers but also thanks to people – a team of talented and experienced professionals. They are those who use technology to provide businesses with the most comprehensive and optimal digital transformation solutions.

Quick support

Quick support

With over 6 years’ experience in Vietnam as well as the Asia-Pacific market, Magenest understands more than anyone about IT-related problems that businesses face in this region. No matter what your difficulty is, it’ll be easily and quickly solved once you rely on our service.

Moreover, Magenest’s project management also allows customers to grasp progress and give feedback directly when needed. This not only speeds up the process but also demonstrates the brand’s transparency and credibility.

We’ve saved the best until last.

Do you know what it is?

That is, with the participation of businesses in management, Magenest supports and helps their staff to adapt to the changing technology quickly, save time in training to get used to it.

Security guaranteed

With a one-stop solution combining Magento, Odoo, Salesforce, and AWS platforms, you won’t have to worry about managing sales, resources, data storage, data analysis, and especially security. It is not natural that Magenest is trusted by large enterprises around the world, such as Heineken Vietnam, Nestle, Mobifone, Baya, BiboMart, Trung Nguyen Group, 24h Visa, Universal Music Group, etc., to become partners and customers.

To conclude

IT outsourcing companies need to have a lot of features, such as a worldwide presence or a high level of expertise with talented human resources, to prove they can meet the most specific needs of businesses. Based on our analysis and knowledge above, you will be able to find an answer to the question: Who does it best? Especially, if you operate in Vietnam, you don’t need to look further. IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam like Magenest can also bring you an extraordinary service that is not inferior to the leading names in the world. If you have more questions about IT outsourcing services, feel free to contact us or visit our blog. Don’t hesitate to like and share this article if you find it useful. Thank you.

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