How to Distinguish Magento 2 Product Types

I know these Magento 2 product types sound old school for Magento veterans; however it is a frequent asked question for fresh men. To be honest, I myself experienced difficulties to distinguish all this type when I first got used to Magento.

Simple product

This is the most basic and used type of products and it’s as its name – simple. Simple product doesn’t contain different options for colors, sizes or any other selectable variation. Let’s take an example of a single product which is a handbag and there is no other options of size or color for it. A single product has a specific SKU number and its inventory information is checked at simple product level.

Configurable product

Configurable product actually composes of simple products with options such as size, colors, or any other attribute. These simple products are managed with different SKUs and inventory levels. Also, you can upload image or color swatch for each product. Whenever customer sees an item, he has options for colors and sizes as well. For instance, a handbag is a configurable product when it’s offered in different sizes from small, medium to large and also comes in red and black. In this case, the simple products include a small one in black, a medium one in red, a large one in red, a small one in black, a medium one in black and a large one in black.

Grouped product

This type of products is simply a group of different standalone simple products.

These simple products are grouped by season or theme to create set. Customers can purchase these products separately or all together. Just imagining that the previous handbag is offered along with a wallet and a bag charm, you can choose to by all of this set or buy only one item from this. Another example is a set of hair care products combining shampoo, conditioner and a treatment oil.

Bundle product

Different from grouped products, bundle product doesn’t grant customers any choice to choose products; in short, you take it all or leave it alone. Still with above set of hair care goodies but now you cannot select them individually but all of products instead with a special price. Bundle product is very popular used for promotion purpose.

Downloadable product

From the name of this kind, you can know that it is a simple product that can be downloaded such as music, file or software. Since there is nothing to ship, this product type doesn’t allow shipping option.

Virtual product

Virtual product is not a tangible item. But it’s different from downloadable product in the aspect that it is the service that you offer to customer. The examples of this type can be cleaning service, law or financial consulting services or insurance.

Above is six build in product types of Magento 2, I hope this article bring you a better understanding of them. Depending on your business and product characteristics, suitable product type may be utilized for the best result.

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