Gift Card – Good For Business

There is no doubt that Gift card becomes more and more popular on the world. It is not just convenient for customers but also helps build your business. Let’s look great benefits that it brings for customers and business.

Benefits For Customers

For example, I can make sure that sometimes you can feel confused when there are several forthcoming special days such as your friend’s birthday or a certain event. Because you do not have any ideas of buying gifts for your friend. Don’t worry! Because Gift card is created to help you to tackle this problem in an easy way. You only need to buy a Gift Card and send it to them. Your friend will be very happy when she receives your gift and can use it to shop on the web in our retail stores or over the phone.
However, the above example is only one of the many benefits that Gift card brings for you; in fact, there are many advantages when consumers use it as follows:

  • Save your customers valuable time. With this easy gift solution, customers know the recipient will get something they like.
  • Let customers give the gift of convenience. Gift cards offer flexibility because they can be used at any time, at any participating location, and toward any store purchase.
  • Give customers control. They can easily control spending with a pre-paid, “store value” card.

Therefore, it is easy to understand why consumers like gift cards.

Benefits For your business

  • Enhance sales and revenue. By offering customers more options and incentives to remain loyal to your business, sales will automatically increase.
  • Earn interest from each gift card, from the point of purchase to the time of use.
  • Encourage, build, and maintain customer loyalty. To redeem the card value, customers will revisit your store and, quite possibly, purchase more.
  • “Slippage”. Unlike gift certificates, cash is not reimbursed to customers who do not redeem their full gift card value. Estimates state that approximately 10-15% of gift card balances are never used.
  • Avoid theft and fraud damages. Gift cards require activation to be used and contain other security features to help minimize the risk of theft and fraud.

Magento 2 Gift Card Extension

If you are looking for a solution, I strongly believe that the Magento 2 Gift Card Extension is the best solution to tackle all above problems.

Magento 2 Gift Card Extension

The following is some great features that Magento 2 Gift Card Extension brings:

Features for admins

Create Gift cards product to sell online.
Set unlimited values of gift card products to be shown as a drop-down, fixed amount, or range.
Configure the gift card module, and change the pdf gift card set.
Full backend control: create, edit, resend, change the status of gift cards, and more.
Admins can import/export gift cards from CSV files.
There are various available options to customize the email template if you want to create any changes.

Features for customers

Gift cards have different values for customers to choose at their convenience.
Customer can buy gift card for them self or send it as a gift to their friends.
Gift card can be delivered by email or post office.
Manage the gift card/gift voucher that they already purchased at the account dashboard.
The customer can easily check out of their product through Paypal which is the best payment gateway in the world.

The following link provides you with the contact details of the Magento 2 Gift Card extension.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this topic and our product, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. Additionally, you can check our Magento development services for more advanced configurations from our Magento-certified experts.

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