BAYA: A complete digital transformation

Reputed as the #1 Furniture and House Decor retailer in Vietnam, BAYA Vietnam (previously UMA Vietnam) owns a chain of physical retail stores in major cities. In 2019, the company announced its rebrand, affirming its identity as a technology-focus and customer-centric corporation to provide consumers with best-in-class experience and services organization.




The Challenge


Starting with the rebrand from UMA to BAYA,  the company shifted its focus on the customer experience. The business vision of the company is held back by its dated technology infrastructure. BAYA used Magento 1 as their eCommerce front and OpenERP 6 (later known as Odoo) to manage their operations. However, the two platforms worked almost separately from each other. The system, while costly, hindered the management operations of the company. Acknowledging the situation, BAYA seeks to replace its entire current technology core with a new digital ecosystem that is capable of handling data and operations efficiently across its distribution and management channels. In short, BAYA needed to upgrade its soon-to-be-deprecated Magento 1 site and implement a comprehensive ERP solution to handle its omnichannel business. With the growing number of customer, it’s also essential for BAYA to implement a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to effectively manage each buying case.


Our Approach


A comprehensive ecosystem that is timeproof




We migrated the data from Magento over to Magento 2. Magento 2, aside from being the eCommerce front, would function as the hub to receive orders synchronized from the other online sales channel: social media and call center.

BAYA will be using SAP Business One (B1) to manage their sales orders, products, stock information, and loyalty programs. The company wants to manage its entire sales orders, inventory and stock in SAP. To handle the data unity requirement of this scale, we integrate their Magento 2 store with SAP. In details, inventory and stock information are sent from SAP to Magento in real-time while Orders and customer information generated in Magento 2 are automatically uploaded to SAP. This process keeps the data in sync, and in turn providing reliable data for omnichannel marketing.

We also integrate Salesforce – the best CRM in the world right now into BAYA’s system. As a customer-centric platform, Salesforce shares the same purpose with the new vision of BAYA. With the help of Sales Cloud, BAYA can manage all orders and follow the journey of customers. Customizing each action helps the company bringing the best experience for consumers. This integration will positively affect sales as well as creating a strong relationship between BAYA and customers.

This setup runs upon Amazon Web Services hosting for optimum performance and security.


A redesigned Commerce experience

For the website, we redesigned the BAYA website with a focus on refining UI and UX and migrated their store data over to Magento 2 Commerce, with focus on:

  • Refining the shopping experience with redesigned UI and UX
  • Better role management for content and SEO access
  • Redesigned and customized checkout flow using Alepay payment gateway with support for customers to pay over installments
  • Improved functionalities with pre-built extensions for Magento 2:
    •    Store Locator
    •    MegaMenu
    •    Instagram Shop
    •    SAP integration
    •    AlePay integration
    •    SNS integration
    •    MailChimp integration

To help BAYA employees adapt to the new technology system, we provided them with extended support and extensive on-site training. This helps them understand how the system works and how they can make optimal use of the system for better business and work management.

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