Customer service chat: What is it and why it is important?

Customer service chat has always been perceived as one of the most affordable and efficient channels to keep our customers close and reduce the risk of purchasing abandonment by increasing social interaction with the customer, increasing the responsiveness to their questions, and customizing their online experience with the brand on their decision-making journey. No wonder why people keep talking about customer service chat use in e-commerce or blogging websites, which has flourished rapidly in recent years.  

As a matter of fact, when surveyed on which support channel is their preference in interacting with the brand, most customers shared that they prioritize chat or texting over many other prevalent channels and tools like social media, email, and phone support. In their opinion, these customer service chats are cheap, responsive, efficient, thorough, fast, and convenient. And that’s not all, the advantages of utilizing the customer service chat in communicating with customers are far more than just providing your customer with a faster way to interact with your customer service team or the representatives of your brand.

Beside enhancing the customer experience on their journeys, these chats can also help ensure the company’s growth in productivity and profit and offer you opportunities to get a better understanding of your customers. To formulate a great customer service chat experience, it requires you to adopt a thorough strategy that involves your customers from the stages of their searching and looking for information until they are successfully onboard, until when they click the “Purchase” button, and also the post-sale customer supports. And mastering this whole process would require an effective guide, which you could find in this article.   

What is customer service chat?

What is customer service chat?

Customer service chat is referred to as an economical tool to provide customers with the best online shopping or blogging experience by responding to customer issues and problems immediately, add personalizing experience to the journey of customers, or improve the social interaction quality. In short, customer service chat is a concept mentioned widely in the customer relationship management field, referring to the process of customers having text-based conversations with the customer service team of the brand on a real-time basis. This process operates via an immediate messaging tool or live chat app free integrated into the company’s website.   

Customer service online chat is often a part of the mixed approach to communicating management, where the customer service department of the company reaches out to customers by using multimedia technology routes to communicate with their customers (via phone, fax, e-mail, chat, etc). Of those channels, chat or live chat is emerging rapidly as the most preferred way to communicate back-and-forth with the customers. Unlike interacting via email, where the instant responses aren’t often expected, the “live” part in live chat is the reference to real-time and immediate response, which is the customer’s priority in today’s hectic world.

Why is customer service chat important?

The one-and-only feature of allowing the customers to connect with you directly in real-time, on your website and receive immediate responses is what separates customer service chat from other normal communication channels. These unique characteristics bring a variety of certain and significant advantages to the business. By utilizing the chat, all the drawbacks from the limited time of phone communication to the slow email responses could be resolved easily.

That’s definitely not all. There are surely a wide range of benefits that business could make out of this channel. This article will present to you an overall view of all the main merits of the customer service chat and how to make full use of those advantages. Let’s check out the top 3 benefits below.

Why is customer service chat important?

Conversion optimization

Along with the rapid booming of technology in literally every field of our life, commerce is no exception. As a matter of fact, all the commerces and businesses are rapidly brought online, with the effective assistance of the eCommerce platforms and add-in features allowing the business to sell their products or services online, these businesses are operating smoothly. But when referred to the customer service and online promotions, many companies are still struggling to find their ways to get away from conventional and out-of-date channels.

For example, in case the customers have some crucial questions about your products that directly affect their decision to purchase. But your platforms offer no live chat app, and they have no choice but to text an email and leave your company’s site. Even when the email has been sent, the response speed is far from instant. And due to the importance of these questions, the customers will have to either cancel the purchases, or wait in vain for the response. This undoubtedly does a lot of damage to your users and customers’ experience and exerts negative effects on your business as well.

In those cases, the live chat can be a great savior while it’s the one-and-only support channel that offers both real-time and on-site communication features. These unique characteristics of customer service chat help you with guiding your site visitors and address their questions instantly, which contribute largely to minimizing the rate of purchase abandonment. The chat can also provide your business with these add-in features below:

  • Build trust and eliminate the doubt
  • Analyze customer needs and propose feasible solutions
  • Reduce the rate of purchasing cancel or shopping cart leaving by addressing customers directly
  • Flourish and guide a visitor of your site to the stages of purchasing or upselling by providing customized recommendations
  • Offer assistance along the customers’ journeys

Service effectiveness improvement

The process of deploying customer service chat is not a temporary practice but a sustainable one. Not only are the customer service chat features fast and convenient for your customers to use, but it also significantly reduces the expenditure your company spends on service support. If you ever had to send a bunch of emails or talk on the phone for hours per day, you may be well aware of the convenience and effectiveness that the chat brings. In short, customer service chat is a win-win business for both sides, your company and the customer.

The reasonable amount of money that the live chat requires helps not only the SMEs but large corporations also to provide customers with personalized and customized support at their desired scale. Below are the reasons why this channel exceeds every other communication channel in terms of efficiency:

  • Communicate with many people at the same time
  • Apply prepared answers and scripts for frequently asked questions
  • Share files and rich media
  • Install the chatbot to address frequent issues of the customers
  • Record and analyze all the behaviors and habits of the customers from all touchpoints

Experience personalization

With the movement of commerce and business from direct trade channels onto the online and eCommerce platforms, the pricing strategy such as discounts often gains focus from business owners. But with more and more competitors joining the market and making it much more competitive than before, remaining only on the pricing strategies can no longer make your company stand out in the marketplace. Bearing this in mind, customer experience optimization is once again put first by optimizing customer service practices. 

As a matter of fact, the companies that could listen closely and understand each of their customers better, then propose personalized strategies to optimize their customer experience will be more likely to succeed compared to ones that treat their customers as mere profit sources. And the customer service chat just can’t be more suitable for this tendency since it helps businesses to get in touch with their customers better. The reasons are:

  • Provide the customer with individual, direct and one-on-one consultancy and support
  • Build up customer loyalty by personal contact
  • “Put your customer first” – the service philosophy
  • Increase customer’s brand experience
  • Establish valid and long-term relationships with each customer, make them become the advocacy of the brand through conversations and appropriate guiding. 

Top 3 best apps for customer service chat

Top 3 best apps for customer service chat

HubSpot’s Service Hub

This special feature that the Hubspot community offers may not be widely known by business owners yet. Indeed, HubSpot’s Service Hub is a set of a wide range of many customer service and support tools that can be easily functioned and utilized to optimize the omnichannel experience of the customers. And one of its most prominent features is the customer service chat tools. HubSpot has developed a live chat app that offers a variety of useful highlights, such as a conversation box that helps users manage, classify, centralize all the email, phone and cases into one easily accessible archive box. Users later can easily access this box and take out any type of previous cases to work on without having to combine other tools or grope in an endless list.

But the most notable feature that this app offers is the ticketing software that allows users and customers to keep on following up complex support cases. With this function, the users can create a “ticket” that will log all the interactions between the business and the customer beyond the chat. Then both the customers and the users can easily come back to this ticket to continue working on a case. This is great for customers as it helps them to reopen the case and ask for additional information about your business. 


Unlike HubSpot’s chat app that is one feature in a set of various features helping the business to manage the customer service tasks better, the LiveChat app is an app designed specifically for messaging. It provides users with a lot of unique highlights that all live chat app websites should offer. What’s better is it could easily be installed on any website platforms or CRM system.

The most highlighted feature of this app is the “message sneak peek”, which allows the users to foresee what the customers are texting in the chat box before they send. As you may well be aware, the customer’s wonders and questions about the business and products can sometimes be quite complicated and requires a little research to answer properly. With this integrated element, the customer service reps are able to have additional time to go find an answer that best fits the customers’ doubt and questions so that when receiving the question, they can reply it immediately. This would help deliver the best customer experience since it improves the user’s productivity in responding to the questions.

Have you ever found it so hard and tiring to dig through a bunch of chat boxes to find the right ones? LiveChat understands this pain point of its users and develops a labeling system. As its name indicates, this system helps the customer service department label each inbox for analyzing purposes. These labels are also divided in terms of colors and ranking which facilitate the users in searching for them more easily in the future to analyze the tendency or overall behaviors of customers from these support cases. This could also give the department a better understanding of frequently asked questions and the trend of issues that customers are running into.

Price: $16/month


Unlike customer service chat apps mentioned above that are often integrated directly onto the company’s site, this live chat app developed by MobileMonkey could help unify all your chat from different platforms on your phone like Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, and SMS text as well into a single inbox.

Equipping customers with the ability to use chat apps that’s already available on their phone often means that they’ll be more willing to start more conversations with your brand. Higher rates of live chat usage from customers also often mean higher revenue and growth that your business is making.

The innovative MobileMonkey customer service chat approach enables the users to read, being notified and responding immediately and indirectly to all conversations coming from all of your platforms like websites, Messenger, IG, SMS, and many other platforms, all simultaneously.

With this unique all-in-one feature, the customer experience can be optimized with the help of a chatbot. Integrating chatbots and your live chat apps would help your customers to receive their desired answers in mostly no wait time. And your business also needs no staff to look over all of the systems.

Price: Free

Final thoughts

With all the information provided above, maybe you got a better understanding of what a customer service chat is, why it’s important, how to install and make full use of these efficient communicating tools. Try to remember and apply all the useful knowledge in the article, and you will easily spot the significant innovation in your overall business operation process.

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