The Best Payment Gateway For A Small Business – Stripe

I. How can a payment gateway affect your business

          Half of customers can cancel their purchase if they can not found their preferred method of payment in your store. After product quality, payment gateway is the most essential element for an online store. So, the necessary task of an administrator is finding the best payment gateway possible for their store and their checkout UX. You should remember that checkout can make or break the customer’s experience in e-Commerce.
Consequently, here’s why it is important to choose the best payment gateway for your business:
  1. The best payment gateway that you choose can improve the checkout process. For example, we can reduce some steps, speed up the process, deter payment risks and fees for your customers. People tend to prefer a one – click checkout.
  2. It is possible for developers to integrate any payment gateway with a store’s administration system. However, you will have to laboriously make customization to make it work, and clearly the opportunity cost of this action is not cheap. Also, when we customize extensively anything in our checkout, it will become difficult for to perform seamlessly across all channels. This is similar to requiring much more developer work and resources versus an already-built solution which is tested.
  3. There is a new trend in payment gateways: people are keen on shopping simultaneously as they are browse social media. Therefore, would it be perfect if the clients could shop your products without ever leaving Facebook?


           This is real innovation to meet up customers’ demands. If you are the administrator, you can feel confident about your growth and future success of reaching your customers. Hence, Stripe as the best payment gateway for your small business. The following table – a comparison between the largest payment gateway PayPal with the reviewing payment gateway Stripe – will explain why:
2.9% + $0.30/transaction
No monthly account fee
Standard online Fees:
2.9% + $0.30/transaction
Account fee from $0 to $30/mo
Setup fees
$0 for most accounts
$99 for PayFlow Pro
Chargeback Fees
$15 – refunded if decided in your favour
$20 – refunded if decided in your favour
Ease of Setup and Shopping Cart Integrations
Easy Plug & Play with 51 top shopping carts, plus API for others
Easy Plug & Play with nearly every eCommerce platform plus API for others
Supported Payments
All major credit cards, ACH checks, Apple Pay, Android Pay & Bitcoin
All majors credit cards & PayPal
Customer Support
Email or online form support with return calls from customer service. No direct contact phone number
Phone & email account support
Phone Hours
Mon-Fri: 5am-10pm PT
Sat-Sun: 6am- 8pm PT
        Both Stripe and PayPal fulfill the role as a payment processing services to help customers accept money through your website. Likewise, Stripe is easier to use and understand, simpler to setup and maintain, more flexible and better value for about the same price as PayPal.

II. Stripe – The best payment gateway for small business

Again, why should we choose Stripe? Here are the things that Stripe does to convince us:

  1. Takes the responsibility of security when the payment information is entered directly into Stripe’s secure server and never touches your store’s data.
  2. Accepts over 100 currencies, support Apple Pay, Android Pay, and even Bitcoin
  3. Has the simplest pricing structure of our three picks. No monthly fees, no add-ons for recurring payments or declined charges. The only other fee you might encounter is their $15 charge back fee.
  4. Stripe’s secure API lets it connect to virtually any cart, and even be fully customized by a programmer.
  5. Stripe values data portability. If you decide to leave Stripe, you can migrate your credit and debit data in a secure and PCI-compliant way – something PayPal never gives customers.
  6. Customer Service has open channels for email support and IRC channel.
       For developers, the story is quite different because they have a bit of a different appeal that Stripe is built for developer but not merchants.
Support Platform:  BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Spree Commerce
Contract: There are no contract requirements, but you must have to agree to the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy.
Easier integration, setup and maintenance.
All of above features are interesting approaches for the companies and organizations. As a result, Stripe is showing its true vision in the future and confirm the right solution for not only the small business but also the other large and medium business.

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