A Complete Digital Ecosystem for BAYA Vietnam

Reputed as the #1 Furniture and House Decor retailer in Vietnam, BAYA Vietnam (previously UMA Vietnam) owns a chain of physical retail stores in major cities. In 2019, the company announced its rebrand, affirming its identity as a technology-focus and customer-centric corporation to provide consumers with best-in-class experience and services organization.     The Challenge [...]

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Magenest joins Lavifood for eCommerce Project Kickoff

Lavifood is the dominant corporate in Vietnam for processing and supplying high-quality fruits, vegetables, and agricultural products. But their vision does not stop there, as the company aims to become one of the top 5 exporters of agricultural products in Asia. And their vision is being realized with their venture into B2B2C eCommerce. Choosing Magento as [...]

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How to prepare for the Magento 2 Professional Front-End Developer certification

AN OVERVIEW ABOUT THE EXAM The Magento 2 Certified Professional Front End Developer exam is primarily a scenario-based exam and is used to validate the skills and knowledge needed to understand Magento's theming components and the ability to modify the user interface according to best practices. This exam is for a Magento 2 Front End [...]

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  • paya partner

Magenest becomes a Paya Official Solution Integrator for Magento 2

We are delighted to announce that Magenest has officially become a partner of Paya as a solution integrator for Magento 2. This milestone marks our second partnership with a major payment service provider, and is the testament of the quality of our work with payment gateways in Magento 2. About Paya The name Paya might seem [...]

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  • magento 2 solution specialist

Magenest earned Vietnam’s first Magento 2 Solution Specialist Certification

Today, we're are extremely proud to announce that Magenest's Senior Developer, Hau Pham, has officially achieved his certification of a Magento 2 Solution Specialist. As of June 23rd, we are the only company in Vietnam that hold such a status. “A Magento 2 Solution Specialist is an expert user of the Magento 2 e-commerce platform. Drawing [...]

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  • How to integrate live chat to Magento 2

How To Integrate A Live Chat To Magento 2?

Every e-Store owner knows the importance of Live Chat to their site, but perhaps using just words cannot describe how important it is to integrate Live Chat in Magento 2. It provides Real-time Customer Support, boosts sales and generates customer behavior data for further study. Nowadays, there are plenty of Live Chat services for you [...]

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How to create a grid in back-end Magento 2

This post is not about something new, yet it is still necessary while working with Magento 2: creating a grid in the backend. I hope this post can be useful to who is struggling with it. Now let’s code! I assume you all know the way to create module so I will focus on the [...]

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  • Magento 2 Search Terms

How to utilize Search Terms and Synonyms in Magento 2

Users who search are more likely to purchase than those browsing. As a result, managing your search engine can be crucial for this reason only. Specifically in this tutorial, we will go into details on how to use the Search Terms and Search Synonyms in Magento 2 to improve your store search engine. What are [...]

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