The Challenge

Designer Shaik from Arab Saudi wanted to build an online presence for their luxury stores. The business specializes in selling watches, fragrance, and clothing and jewelry. Mrs. Armani wanted to maintain a sense of prestige and exclusivity across multiple retailing platforms, so the website has to be designed with this in mind. In addition, Designer Shaik has its luxury store chain distributed across the country, which require them to promote it overtly on their site. The Magento 2 website needed both advanced functionalities and a luxury branding image.

The Solution

Magenest developed our store location toolkit to let customers know about other stores in the network. The 360 degree image built for each product boosted the luxury image of the brand, as customers could see all facets of their products, which was designed aesthetically attractive. Our design was able to convey a story of royalty, mystery in connection with the kingdom of Bahrain. Combining luxury with the dessert environment, a modern world with the rich heritage and culture of Arabia, Designer Shaik hopes to become an influential player in the luxury industry.


  • Store network locator – Integration with Google Map
  • 360 degree image for holistic product view
  • Custom built Luxury theme – Designer Shaik
  • Integration with Social Networks (Facebook, Google+) – Social Login