Project Description

Crave your thirst for games with Magento game license delivery: How Empire Game Store changed the game store business model


Gaming customers can’t wait for their game to come, and they want the game license to be delivered quickly without delay. The Magento game license delivery helped them to streamline the digital game delivering process.

What they needed

Empire Gaming is a young but growing game store in the UK. Founded in 2014, the copany aims to help gamers get easy instant access to their favorite game. Purchasing and waiting for game discs to be delivered to their home were too slow for impatient gamers, and could spoil their thirst for buying games. Thus Empire Gaming decided to deliver their games through the digital route, breaking away from the traditional game store model. However, there was a problem with digital game compared to traditional physical discs – customers still need a game license to activate the game, which often comes with the disc box.

What Magenest did

Understanding the impatient mindset of gamers, magenest decided do 2 things. Firstly, we installed the Magento license delivery extension to the Magento store of our customers. This allowed Empire Game Store to deliver any digital products that requires license with ease. This license delivery extension will create a new section called my license in the customer dashboard, giving them easy control and management of digital games they have bought. Secondly, Magenest also worked with TextLocal, a SMS delivery service in the UK, to delivery license code to customers to their mobile phones. Thanks to this, customers only need to look at their handheld device to get the license, speeding up the game installation process. Hardcore gamers will enjoy this benefit as can get down to business right away without looking for licenses in their account.



Empire game store was able to launch its new digital product line onto the store without disrupting the shopping experience of time-strapped gamers who want a quick install and jump right into the game.  With our license delivery extension. The number of downloads exceeded expectation by 200%, and the whole game purchase process – from buying, downloading, installing to activating – takes only 1 minute. In terms of customer satisfaction, the company has managed to earn a Excellent trustPilot score of 9.6 out of 10. The digital offering was a success right after its launch!

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