magenest magento 2 customer
“After experiencing disappointment with ecommerce suppliers in Norway we looked abroad for necessary expertise and track record. That search led us to Magenest, who operates internationally, has a sound reputation and is highly recommended by its satisfied clients. We were very satisfied with the proposed architecture and also the competence of Mageneset personnel.”


Administrative Director at Blooming Emotions

The Challenge

Marcello is a flower passionate from Ecuador, the nation of flower. He plans to share his love with everyone in the world, and his dream starts at the US.
The flourist wanted to make love sharing become a common routine, so he wants to create flower subscription plans for customers. He aims to allow customers to subscribe to flower buying plans so that they will receive their flower regularly.

The Solution

With Blooming Emotions, we bring a touch of romance and love to the website. The menu is filled with beautiful images to create a consistent shopping experience.
The flower subscription service that we added to the store allows customers to receive flowers from friends, family and their beloved.


  • Subscription Planner
  • Build a box toolkit with advanced product options
  • Tier pricing for quantity discount