Magento 2 SEO

We provide full scale SEO package to get you to the top of search engine result page

Keyword Research

Magenest performs keyword research to discover general keywords with high search volume and and long-tail keywords with low search volume.

SEO copywriting

Based on discovered keywords, we can write SEO-optimized content, perform on-page SEO and linking for SEO content to ensure your content gets the most SEO value on its own.

Link Building and Outreach

Your content needs to get promoted as much as possible to receive maximum SEO value. We help you to reach out to other platforms and build backlinks back from other websites back to your content.

SEO Audit and Detox

Your website might become a victim of bad SEO practices, which affects your ranking significantly in a short amount of time. We help you to detect toxic backlinks and remove them from your link structure.