Magento 2 Integration

Gain robust functions from 3rd party business applications

Workflow analysis

Each business has different operation workflows, which affects the data they use and employees associated with those data. Magenest will analyze your business workflow to design the info flow for the business application.

Process automation

To help customer streamline their business, in several applications we can create automation workflows for customers to reduce their manual workloads with data in the business app. Data automation also prevents duplication and reduce costs for businesses.

Data field mapping

We will map each data field in Magento 2 with the corresponding field in the business application.

Data synchronization

We will perform synchronization of existing data from business applications to Magento 2. After successful synchronization, we will set up a syncing process for your Magento 2 store. We can sync data between fixed interval or in real time, reducing data duplication.