Magento 2 Development

We help customers to build Magento 2 site from scratch, creating booth a great look & feel and robust functionality.

Technical Brief Analysis

Magenest will receive requirements from customers that want to build their Magento 2 store. Our project team will investigate your issues and analyze them to discover the key root problems that influence your website operation.

Business and technical solutions

Our team will brainstorm ideas and suggest several alternative solutions to customer issues. We do not stop at technical problems but also tackle business logics to ensure our customers get the best solution.

Planning and implementation

Once specific details have been set, we will draw out the plan to build the website and send the proposal to customers. Customers will be notified regularly through project management tools to help them track progress of the project.

Testing and quality assurance

Our final step is to test usability, user-friendliness and user experience. This step ensures errors are minimized, and visitors to store will have the opmitimal shopping experience, maintaining a high conversion rate for the store website.