Our team of experts are able to work with you to help guide you through the process of selecting the right e Commerce solutions.  We work hand- in-hand with the leading software platforms and system integrators. We communicate online by email and in chat constantly daily. Many of our clients marvel at how dedicated and committed our team is when we don’t work in an office building under one roof. Distance doesn’t hamper our efforts, if anything it probably makes us more creative in what we do. We know what they’re facing and feeling and we can help our customers achieve a start to their dreams  The e Commerce team, including our own Magento 1 and Magento 2 specialists, are available to you to help you and would love to hear from you. to each other!


Alex Nguyen
Alex NguyenFounder & CEO
Alex is the Founder and CEO of Magenest. Alex has 5 years of experience running e-Commerce businesses. He is responsible for making Magenest one of the leading E-commerce companies in the world. When you ask him about his activities in spare time, his answer is: “What spare time?”

Our Valuable Team Members

Duy Dang
Duy DangSenior HTML/CSS Developer
Duy knows all about C/C++, C#, PHP and MySQL, he is also fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery. If he’s not climbing, you can find Duy spending time with his wife, playing Age of Empires, or reading comics. He believes every day should begin with steamed sticky rice and sugarcane juice.
Hau Pham
Hau PhamSenior Magento 2 Developer
One of the first one who joined Magenest as a backend developer, this guy literally had to learn things on his own. He is also the founding father of Magenest’s ICT team, a raising force in the office with a load of young, smart and hardworking developers. Don’t try to challenge him to a video game gunfight though, you will be sorry very soon.
Canh Nguyen
Canh NguyenSenior Magento 2 Developer
Canh is a Magento backend developer, which means lots of PHP, SQL, Apache, HTML, Linux, Javascript, Git…He is also a cool single boy but when he is not hanging around with us, he sits behind his home computer again – this time playing a game of Dota 2. He loves coffee, Japan food, relaxing, good music.
Quyet Giap
Quyet GiapSenior Magento 2 Developer
An emotionless guy like Kristen Stewart, he always show the same expression, whether happy or sad. But we know deep down he is a cheerful guy!
Lam Pham
Lam PhamSenior Magento 2 Developer
Also known as Ken Pham. His dream was initially to become a professional badminton player and he almost left the developing field for that. Fortunately,he found Magenest, which allowed him to code during day time and play badminton with the boss at night. He is a lucky card player, so don’t try gambling against him.
Hien Nguyen
Hien NguyenSenior Magento 2 Developer
Quickly became a raising power in the ICT team and the office both, Hien is now in charge of one of Magenest’s leading product brand of Payment Gateway extensions. If you like to insist on debugging 10 lines of code or a whole week and hate purified water, you should probably stay away from him.
Hoang Logan
Hoang LoganSenior Magento 2 developer
Hoang has been fighting along side with his team captain for a long time now, and he expects to keep on his great work for the time coming. The most funny and beloved one in the office for sure, but also one of the most intensive one when it comes to work. He can talk with you for 5 hours straight about his past robotic projects. His favorite weapon is AK-47 by the way.
Dzung Tran
Dzung TranSenior Magento 2 Developer
It has been a few months since Dzung joined Magenest. He is a good looking guy and he never fails to amuse people with his humor. As a developer, Dzung always tries his best to learn and improve himself. When not working, he can easily be found playing sports or having fun with friends. Dzung’s friendliness and fabulous taste in fashion make him the best person in Magenest to befriend here.
Duc Quach
Duc QuachSenior Magento 2 developer
Duc has a strong passion for web development, he came to Magenest with the dream of creating products that can satisfy customers. He likes to learn programming languages, including PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, etc, all by himself. His favourite pastimes are reading, playing video games and listening to music.
Hai Nguyen
Hai NguyenSenior Tester
Hai is the leader of Magenest’s Test and Support team. Besides his high sense of responsibility and great passion for work, his pastime is cooking and taking care of his family. His favourite maxim for life is: “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything”.
Lan Nguyen
Lan NguyenSenior Tester
Lan is a senior tester who loves cooking, she only eats her own food for fear of food poisoning.
Nga QuanSenior Tester
Nga is not only beautiful but also intelligent. Her favorites are outdoor activities and food. She loves her work and she is perfectionist.
Phung Mai
Phung MaiJunior Magento 2 Developer
Phung is a newcomer to the ICT team, under the management of Hien “Old Father” Nguyen. Quick learner, persistent and a positive person, he would indeed go far on this track, with a little more effort and focus. One thing bro, stop using your Macbook, it’s dragging you back behind.
Anh Pham
Anh PhamMarketing Manager
Call himself a thinker. Tend to be pushed a lot by his teammate as he is too immersed in thinking and forget to take action. Thinking fast and slow is one of his favorite books.
Bao Bui
Bao BuiJunior Magento 2 Developer
Another new comer to the ICT force, this young man has a lot of potential to be a great developer. Not much to tell about him, but this description is not a real one anyway. To hell with it.

What am I even typing??

Anh Pham
Anh PhamJunior Magento 2 Developer
He’s a multi-talented coder with good photography skill. In fact, he was for responsible for taking pictures for the whole company. Hopefully he can remember his code at the speed of a snapshot.
Duc Dinh
Duc DinhJunior Magento 2 Developer
This guy loves to travel a lot, and he is likely to exercise a lot too. Girl look at that body. He works out!
Vu Bui
Vu BuiJunior Magento 2 Developer
A disciplined guy, his habit is to drink 1 litre of water every day. “It’s good for my skin”, he says. He’s got everything, except for a BPA-free water bottle.
Tien Nguyen
Tien NguyenGraphic Designer
Tien is Web Designer who says that pixels are love of his life. Interested in part of technology that people can touch, see and interact, he started to study about user interfaces, visual design development, surface design, usability engineering and other fancy words. Tien visualizes all of the design team’s efforts — infographics, banners, themes and more.