Magenest has officially become Magento Solution Partner

Today, we proudly announce that Magenest has received the honour of becoming a Magento Solution Partner.

This milestone is a proof of hard work and dedication from the Magenest team, which has been working restlessly for the last 6 years for this common goal.

The Journey to Magento Partnership

Magenest started in 2011, serving both B2B and B2C customers. We provide solutions for customers from a multitude of industries, offering industry and culture-specific solutions, such as hotel booking, event management, gift registry. Since then, the company has come a long way, working with different partners around the world. These customers helped us to accumulate our experience and become an expertise in integration – Magenest currently offers integration solutions for the three most popular CRM services (Salesforce CRM, Zoho CRM, Vtiger CRM), the 2 most popular Accounting services (Quickbooks, Xero) and payment gateways for different countries and regions (Stripe, Moneris, Barclaycard, SagePay, PSiGate, Hipay, Alipay, Worldpay, Adyen).

With expertise and experience working with various customers, experience various programming logic, business workflows and management style, Magenest is confident in our ability to adapt and learn. We are always ready to develop and provide integration solutions to new third party applications to the Magento 2 platform.

Magento Integration: The power for an open-source and flexible platform

Scalability and flexibility are the trump card that Magento has over other eCommerce platforms. Magenest builds upon this capability and make it even more powerful with integration capability with other business systems. Each day, more and more SaaS are entering the market, making breakthrough innovation and cause disruptions to the technology landscape. The best method for businesses to stay competitive is to learn and adapt these new technologies. Magenest helps customer reduce the technology barrier by integrating the novelty business application with your existing Magento 2 business platform.

With the power of integration, we help business to multiply the power of Magento and adapt to changes while maintaining the stability of their existing business system.

magenest integrates magento with different business systems

Integration Expert: It’s not only programming

We approach integration in a holistic manner. We have an integration teams full of expert that possess in-depth knowledge about CRM, ERP, Accounting and Payments. Therefore, Magenest is able to provide a comprehensive solution package for our customers – business process & workflow design, CRM & ERP onboarding, accounting chart of accounting setup, payment gateway security consultation.

A team of agility: Collaboration and modular method is key

The Magenest team consists of senior developers with a thirst for knowledge. We created a training and mentoring model to allows our staff to grow fast, as well as speeding up the development process. by programming with a module structure, collaborating between different project managers and seniors developers, we are able to utilize experience and expertise from different fields to reduce development time, allowing customers to get the site up and running in a shorter period of time.

Moving forward with Magento

We are grateful for this opportunity to work with Magento. Thanks to this partnership, Magenest would be able to expand its capability as an integration expert, helping Magento to meet the ever-growing needs of B2B and B2C customers that want a smarter, stronger eCommerce platform for growth.


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