How to Configure Twitter API in Magento 2

Social login is usually used by customers due to a faster registration process (almost no additional information is needed), and you can save the time of remembering all your accounts. However, before creating a social login in Magento 2, you have to connect to the API of other social networks such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Today, we will show you how to configure Twitter API in Magento 2.

When entering Twitter, you need to create an external application to connect your website to Twitter API. Then, application ID and secret (Client ID and secret or API ID and Secret) which are called application credentials are all that we need. With this external application, your website will be linked to API. And these credentials play an important role in making Twitter users get access to your website.

To Configure Twitter API, let’s follow these steps:

Step 1: Get access to and sign in.

Step 2: Click Create New Application to create a new app.

Step 3: Fill all the information into the required fields such as application name, description, and your website address. You can fill callback URL or not. But we recommend you to fill in that field to provide another place for Twitter to return after successfully authenticating. However, if you want to restrict your application from using callbacks, leave it blank! Tick on Yes, I have read and agree to the Twitter Developer Agreement and then click Create your Twitter application. 

Step 4: When registering successfully, choose Keys and Access Tokens tab to see application credentials which include consumer key and consumer secret.


Step 5: Copy and paste these credentials into API fields in the extension’s setting of Twitter under Magento Admin.

We have shown you how to configure Twitter API in Magento 2. If you have any questions, leave a comment or send us an email. If you want to know more about how to configure the API of other social networks in Magento 2, keep following us! However, if you are using Magento 2 platform for your store, you can purchase for Social Login and Share extension from Magenest to allow your customers to login Magento store by Yahoo, Twitter, Instagram, or Line, etc.




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