Companion with Magento Live Australia 2018

We just got back from Magento Live Australia 2018. It was the first time I was on such a long flight but thankfully the jetlag was not very serious. Some impressions... First impression: the weather is very comfortable. I expected to have more time but it was just half a day for sightseeing: The Opera [...]

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Magenest has officially become a Sage Pay Partner

Greetings to all Magenest Blog readers! We have great news to announce today that, after 3 years of providing Sage Pay integration for Magento 2 Merchants, Magenest has officially become a Sage Pay Partner. Magenest is an expert in providing professional e-commerce solution for the Magento and Magento 2 platform. Our SagePay integration provides everything [...]

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Top 10 Business Trends and Predictions To Expect in 2018

2017 has almost come to an end. And if you, the business owners, are already thinking ahead to the next year, these top 2018 business trends is what you need. Keep up with trends in business will help you know what to expect and of course, help you plan your goals and strategies better. If [...]

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Top 10 E-commerce Gift Wrapping Ideas

As a habit, customers need gifts to be wrapped after buying them online for their beloved ones. A beautiful wrapper says more than just the gift itself: it’s another way of showing the receiver that they are special to the giver. Therefore, it is crucial for companies and retailers to offer eye-catching gift wrappers with a [...]

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How To Integrate A Live Chat To Magento 2?

Every e-Store owner knows the importance of Live Chat to their site, but perhaps using just words cannot describe how important it is to integrate Live Chat in Magento 2. It provides Real-time Customer Support, boosts sales and generates customer behavior data for further study. Nowadays, there are plenty of Live Chat services for you [...]

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The Best Payment Gateway For A Small Business – Stripe

I. How can a payment gateway affect your business           Half of customers can cancel their purchase if they can not found their preferred method of payment in your store. After product quality, payment gateway is the most essential element for an online store. So, the necessary task of an administrator [...]

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How to create a grid in back-end Magento 2

This post is not about something new, yet it is still necessary while working with Magento 2: creating a grid in the backend. I hope this post can be useful to who is struggling with it. Now let’s code! I assume you all know the way to create module so I will focus on the [...]

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Add custom link in header in Magento 2

In this blog,  I want to share with you the way how to create a header link in your Magento 2 site. Before we begin, if you don't know how to create a simple custom module in Magento 2, please follow the Step 1 in our guide here : https://magenest.com/manage-cookie-magento-2/ Now let's code! Step 1: [...]

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Lessons from My Internship at Magenest

Hi, my name is Trang, i have just completed my first month of internship at Magenest, and I think it’s time to reflect what I have learnt from the pass month and share my personal opinion. First and foremost, I would like to introduce a bit about myself. I am a senior student at Savonia [...]

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