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Run an online clothing/fashion store with Magento Commerce

Magento has been maintaining its position as the top eCommerce platform, and this is not a bias assumption. A quick visit to and we can clearly see that, Magento is still standing strong against its main competitors. Quantcast Top 10k: Magento: 1.1% (114 sites) Demandware: 0.9% (94 sites) Hybris: 0.3% (27 sites) Shopify Plus: [...]

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How To Integrate A Live Chat To Magento 2?

Every e-Store owner knows the importance of Live Chat to their site, but perhaps using just words cannot describe how important it is to integrate Live Chat in Magento 2. It provides Real-time Customer Support, boosts sales and generates customer behavior data for further study. Nowadays, there are plenty of Live Chat services for you [...]

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How to create a grid in back-end Magento 2

This post is not about something new, yet it is still necessary while working with Magento 2: creating a grid in the backend. I hope this post can be useful to who is struggling with it. Now let’s code! I assume you all know the way to create module so I will focus on the [...]

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How to utilize Search Terms and Synonyms in Magento 2

Users who search are more likely to purchase than those browsing. As a result, managing your search engine can be crucial for this reason only. Specifically in this tutorial, we will go into details on how to use the Search Terms and Search Synonyms in Magento 2 to improve your store search engine. What are [...]

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