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Companion with Magento Live Australia 2018

We just got back from Magento Live Australia 2018. It was the first time I was on such a long flight but thankfully the jetlag was not very serious. Some impressions... First impression: the weather is very comfortable. I expected to have more time but it was just half a day for sightseeing: The Opera [...]

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Magenest Officially Becomes A Magento Solution Partner

Today, we proudly announce that Magenest has received the honour of becoming a Magento Solution Partner. This milestone is a proof of hard work and dedication from the Magenest team, which has been working restlessly for the last 6 years for this common goal. The Journey to Be A Magento Solution Partner Magenest started in [...]

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Why should you use Stripe as your payment gateway?

Payment gateway is always an important question for merchants that run eCommerce businesses. By default, you might want to take PayPal as your payment gateway. However, there are so many new breakthroughs in the payment industry that PayPal has failed to catch up on. In addition a new player, Stripe, is positioning themselves as a [...]

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PCI DSS Compliance with Payment Gateway: A simple guide for e-commerce businesses

Magento 2 is an e-commerce platform for medium and large businesses. Merchants usually have to conduct a large number of transactions or each product might have really high value. This motivates hackers to attack stores running on Magento 2 and and put them at higher risk. This post will offer you a guide to the [...]

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How to change email logo in Magento 2.1: A detailed guide

Email is a form of communication between you and your customers. If you want to take the most out of your email, you need to include a logo in the email header. It will help customers to get familiar with your brand and make your email look more professional. Reading an email that has a [...]

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Magento 2 Integration with QuickBooks Online

What is our extension - QuickBooks Online Integration? QuickBooks Online Integration is a great solution for your Magento 2 store to integrate with QuickBooks Online - accounting software used to keep record of a company's expenses, liabilities, and transactions. It allows synchronizing immediately any data as: Stock code, Stock Description, Product notes, Pricing, Categories and [...]

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Why use Subscriptions and Recurring Payments?

How do you manage periodically purchased products like news subscriptions, content site subscriptions, households essentials, creative products or even recurring donation programs? Do you just add products or events to your store, leaving them as they are and customers will need to take orders repeatedly? Do you invoice customers for each payment even the payments [...]

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Gift Card – Good For Business

There is no doubt that Gift card becomes more and more popular on the world. It is not just convenient for customers but also helps build your business. Let’s look great benefits that it brings for customers and business. Benefits For Customers For example, I can make sure that sometimes you can feel confused when [...]

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Why not use Magento 2 Product Labels to manage products in your stores?

The exploration of selling on E-commerce shop. Nowadays, the business on Internet not only depends on the diversity of products on the store but also bases on the interaction between your website interface and customers. Have you ever wondered what should you do if you want to attract more customers to website or augment the [...]

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Magento 2 Integration with Sugar CRM

There is no doubt that the World Wide Web has become the latest battleground for most businesses. Even if you have a brick and motar store or company that has been operating for many years, not utilizing the web for your customer service and marketing could mean that you are missing out on a lot [...]

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