Magento is the number 1 eCommerce platform for Internet Retailer top 1000, Europe 500 and B2B 300. This clearly indicates that Magento is a system for serious businesses that want to grow and become market leaders in their industry. Magento is built on PHP, a programming language that is faster to modify than Java, which is used by other eCommerce systems. PHP is also more popular than Java as it is used in 70% websites on the internet. This makes the development process much easier for developers and the cost of building and lower for businesses.

What gives Magento so much power is its open-source nature - the platform is easy to customize and scale up whenever you want.

Its open-source code also allows for developers to build extension and integrate the platform with other business systems.

Up to date, there have been more than 130,000 Magento developers and 400,000 Magento community members all over the world.

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