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Holiday preparation with Magento 2

Now November is almost over, the most celebrated holiday of the year is coming which means the busiest time for retail workers – Holiday season. I know it’s a little bit late for the run but there will be Cyber Monday coming for eCommerce and the Christmas shopping time in Europe is still ahead. People [...]

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New chapter for Magento after Ebay’s days?

After a year of rumor spreading that Magento would be separated from EBay, the spit announcement may not come as surprise to many of those in Magento community. In fact, EBay finalized a deal of $925 million dollars to sell EBay Enterprise including Magento to a group of private equity investors in November 2nd.Just travel [...]

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Vtiger integration with Magento. How did you know?

Modern entrepreneurs may all know about CRM and its use as a method to maintain current customers and establish relationships with them. Once the relationships are built, merchants can identify customers' demand easily to serve them in the best way. Things are always nice and sweet in theory; however those linkages are difficult to rekindle [...]

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